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Monday, 29 July

Powering Your Business with Mastercard

DownloadSpeakers: Rodrigo de Paula, Juan Zavala

Emerging Technologies: Blockchain 101

DownloadSpeaker: Hyder Hassan

How Do You Prepare for Central Bank Inspection?

DownloadSpeaker: Simone Proctor

Management and Regulators

DownloadSpeaker: Pierre Seguin

The Future of Mobility

DownloadSpeaker: Tony Boutelle

Living and Growing with an Engagement Strategy

DownloadSpeaker: d. Tyler Miller

Together Better – Small Credit Unions Collaborate for Innovation & Efficiency

DownloadSpeakers: Scott Butterfield, Shirley Cate, Teri Robinson, Aylmer Irish

Developing Strategies for Caribbean Market Trends

DownloadSpeaker: Sunita Tiwari

Next Gen Regulation

DownloadSpeakers: Chris Donald, Ryan Donovan, Denis Felix

Identity: Perception and Reality

DownloadSpeaker: Erin Wolf

Tuesday, 30 July

Disruption and Disintermediation: Credit Unions in Emerging Markets

DownloadSpeakers: Murray Gardiner, Kalin Radev

Credit Unions in the 21st Century

DownloadSpeaker: Adam Lee

IFRS 9 for Cooperatives

DownloadSpeaker: Sohini Chowdhury

#StepUp for Sustainability – Doing the Right Thing is also Good Business

DownloadSpeakers: George Ombado, Brett Martinez, Manfred Dasenbrock, Elenita San Roque
Moderator: Susan Mitchell

WOCCU and Visa: Payments Innovation Collaboration

DownloadSpeakers: Todd Mazurek, Megan O'Donnell, Doug Leighton

How Cognitive Technology Can Help to Provide a Better Service to Members

DownloadSpeaker: Felipe Sessin

The Impact of Stress Testing, IFRS9 vs CECL on the Performance of Lending Portfolios and Balance Sheets

DownloadSpeakers: Deniz Tudor, Cristian DeRitis

Supplemental Capital for Cooperatives

DownloadSpeakers: Dave Taylor, Eric Richard

Future of Cross-Cultures, Countries and People: a Young Professional Perspective

DownloadSpeakers: Dorwin Manzano, Paul Norgrove, Gisele Gomes, Melissa Swee
Moderator: Brandi Stankovic

Wednesday, 31 July

How Credit Unions Can Excel in Customer Experience (CX) – The Irish Perspective

DownloadSpeaker: Paul Bailey

AML/CFT - Current Trends

DownloadSpeakers: Andy Price, Kieron Cacho

Market Segmentation the Key to Customer Satisfaction – A Caribbean Perspective

DownloadSpeaker: Denise Julien

Implementing a Credit Union Values-Based Business Model

DownloadSpeakers: Karen Miner, Cory Munden, Tracey Kliesch

Why You Cannot Have Diversity Without Inclusion

DownloadSpeaker: Tonita Webb