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An email with the password to download all conference presentations was sent to the email you registered with for the conference. For questions, please contact Kadie Hochmuth at khochmuth@woccu.org.

Individual Presentation Downloads

Monday, 18 July

Financial Education: A Driver for Digital Financial Inclusion

DownloadSpeaker: Carlos Corominas
Moderator: Cecilia Thoma

Nurturing Better Regulatory Environments

DownloadSpeakers: Pierre Seguin, Pawel Pelc
Moderator: Samantha Beeler

How Implicit Bias Disrupts Team Performance

DownloadSpeaker: Tracie Daniels
Moderator: Isabel Varnado

Managing The Risks of Digitalization: Cybersecurity for Credit Unions

DownloadSpeaker: Christian Junior
Moderator: Greg Neumann

Mastercard Services for Credit Unions: Partnering for Inclusion

DownloadSpeaker: Francisco Ramos
Moderator: Tom Moyes

Connecting the Credit Union Mission to Diversity and Inclusion

DownloadSpeakers: Francisco Ramos, Victor Corro, Miriam De Dios Woodward
Moderator: Murray Williams

Sustainable Finance – Opportunity or Regulatory Burden?

DownloadSpeakers: Panya Monford, David McAuley, Miriam De Dios Woodward, Malgorzata Gatz
Moderator: Isabel Varnado

Boosting Financial Inclusion Through Credit Unions

UnavailableSpeakers: Rodney Hood, Ryan Donovan
Moderator: Andrew Price

Demanding More Achievement in Cybersecurity

DownloadSpeaker: Paul Innella
Moderator: Cecilia Thoma

Voices of Youth: Expanding Relevance through Professional Development, Entrepreneurship and Community Engagement

UnavailableSpeakers: Carolina Mussolini, Ana Goffredo, Guilherme Melo, Vinicius Mattia
Moderator: Mark Meyer & Thom Belekevich

Tuesday, 19 July

Adopting Fintech: Challenges and Lessons for Improving the “Customer Experience” at Credit Unions

DownloadSpeakers: Carma Parrish, Cynthia Wandia
Moderator: Tom Moyes

Amplifying Your Credit Union’s Purpose through Sustainability: Best Practices in Starting or Advancing Your Journey

DownloadSpeaker: Pamela Agnone
Moderator: Isaac Warren

Refocusing Your Portfolio on Women: A Business Case from Senegal

DownloadSpeakers: Dylan Butler, Diattou Coulibaly
Moderator: Cecilia Thoma

Leveraging Data for Business Value and Better Outcomes

DownloadSpeaker: Mark Meyer
Moderator: Mike Retuer

Ideation, Innovation, and Inclusive Design

DownloadSpeaker: Lauren Culp
Moderator: Mike Retuer

More than a Credit Union: Empowering our Immigrant Members to Make the Most of our Financial Products and Services

DownloadSpeaker: Luis Pastor
Moderator: Cecilia Thoma

Hot Topics in Credit Union Governance

DownloadSpeaker: Paul Jones
Moderator: Isabel Varnado

Small Credit Unions & Technology: Innovation for Growth

DownloadSpeakers: Scott Butterfield, Brett Wooden
Moderator: Scott Butterfield

Digital Transformation to Scale Micro Finance

DownloadSpeaker: Jay Tikam

Storytelling for Your Personal and Professional Mission Statement

DownloadSpeaker: Jennifer Santos Esperanza
Moderator: Deborah Donnelly

A Key Competency for Leaders: Strategic Thinking

DownloadSpeaker: Miranda Flury

Cybersecurity Awareness for Financial Services

UnavailableSpeakers: Michael Rooney, Daniel Garry

Wednesday, 20 July

Developing Global Digital Solutions for Credit Unions

DownloadSpeakers: Oscar Bazoberry, Luca Giusti, Danny Pavisic
Moderator: Andrew Price

Best Practices for Global Women’s Leadership Network Sister Societies

DownloadSpeakers: Eleni Giakoumopoulos, Mai-Linh Hoang
Moderator: Eleni Giakoumopoulos

Strategic Resilience

UnavailableSpeaker: Miranda Flury
Moderator: Tom Moyes

Economic Resiliency and Regeneration - The Financial Cooperative Super Power

DownloadSpeaker: Monica Belz
Moderator: Isaac Warren

Rethinking Your Payments Strategy to Meet Member Expectations

DownloadSpeakers: Samantha Paxson, Dean Michaels
Moderator: Todd Clark

Post Pandemic Challenges with Credit Unions

DownloadSpeakers: Sohini Chowdhury, Joyce West Johnson, Andrew Price
Moderator: Andrew Price

Community Development – Driving Financial Inclusion

DownloadSpeakers: Scott Butterfield, David Kropp
Moderator: Jenny Lynn Bailey

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