Breakout Sessions

Our conference offers valuable content, collaboration and connections on a global scale. Keynotes and breakout sessions will be filled with industry experts sharing expertise on the topics below.

  • Cybersecurity
  • Digital Transition
  • Advocacy
  • Customer Journey
  • Fintech
  • Diversity and Inclusion

Monday, 16 July • 11:00am - 12:15pm

Cybersecurity as a Business-Enabler

Speaker: Summer Fowler

Too often there is a mystique surrounding cybersecurity as an advanced IT function. Leaders often relegate cybersecurity risks and solutions to the technical team without providing appropriate oversight or insight into organization risk appetite to guide cybersecurity decisions. This talk will provide an overview of leadership’s responsibilities when it comes to handling cybersecurity as an enterprise risk. Attendees will leave the session with an understanding of cybersecurity for operational resilience and questions to ask cybersecurity teams to ensure the organization is aligning cybersecurity needs with business objectives. 

Underground Leadership, Challenging the Status Quo

Speaker: Susan Mitchell

Mitchell Stankovic and Associates has created an Underground Community of credit union leaders that is innovative, inspiring and recognized for its impact on the industry.  We want to bring that community to Singapore! This session will encourage attendees, as leaders, to engage in challenging discussion about politically incorrect issues that to date have been off the record.  It is time to put these issues on the table, to step out of your comfort zone, and to challenge the status quo. Credit unions can be the super heroes and game changers. The Underground Community is stirring things up and that’s okay.  To be relevant, we must unite for common purpose! It is time to have a dialogue about belief in solidifying our credit union community.   Topics that will be explored include One Voice, Small Credit Unions may be the Giants, Diversity, Financial Inclusion, among others.  Attendees will receive materials to facilitate discussion when they return to their credit unions to continue the dialogue on how the World Credit Union Conference created a forum for real discussion.

Credit Union Regulation in the 21st Century

Speakers: Pawel Grzesik, Kelly Harris, Michael Lawrence
Moderator: Michael Edwards

International standards and standard-setting organizations—such as the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, the Financial Action Task Force, the Financial Stability Board, the European Union, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and others—are increasingly influencing national-level regulations for credit unions and other mutual depository institutions.  Learn how this trend of international standardization is affecting mutuals around the world and what it means for upcoming changes to your institution’s regulatory environment.

Monday, 16 July • 1:45pm - 3:00pm

Innovation in Regulation

Speakers: Dr. Ang Hak Seng, Kelly McGiffin, David Taylor
Moderator: Andrew Price

Prudential regulations for credit unions and other mutual depository institutions in some jurisdictions have been updated in recent years, such as to allow new investment options or supervisory approaches.  Learn about the cutting-edge changes to mutual depository institutions’ rule books in Australia, Canada and Singapore that are helping mutuals blaze new frontiers.   

Tuesday, 17 July • 11:00am - 12:15pm

Modern Corporate Innovation: Why, What and How

Speaker: Dan Kaiser

“Innovation,” “disruption,” “agile” and other buzz words are used everywhere these days. Innovation started among entrepreneurs and around the edges of the business world, but now is rapidly becoming major focus in mainstream companies and corporations.

This session will explore some of the larger questions and concepts around corporate innovation. Why is innovation growing in importance? What exactly is innovation? How are companies building innovation into their organizations? This session will provide an overview on the subject of corporate innovation as well as specific concepts to consider when exploring innovation in your organization.

Mortgage Lending

Speakers: Marc-Andre Pigeon, Kevin Potter
Moderator: Michael Edwards

The mortgage lending business is changing around the world as a result of the recent finalization of Basel III risk-based capital rules and national-level measures to address perceived home-price bubbles in places like Sydney, Toronto and Vancouver.  Learn about recent international and national-level developments in mortgage lending regulation and how they affect your institution’s operations and capital requirements.

Tuesday, 17 July • 1:45pm - 3:00pm

Easy is the New “Nice” – Understanding Your Customer and Member Journey

Speaker: Cortney Angeley

Consumers are no longer satisfied with “nice” – in a time when attention spans and tolerance levels are at near-zero, your credit union also has to be easy to use. In this case study-based session on Customer and Member Journey, we will illustrate how financial institutions around the globe have found new ways to really understand the experiences their members go through. Based on research from the Harvard Business Review, the lower the effort your customers have to give, the more loyal they are to your business. So how do you understand and improve on customer effort? In this session we’ll look at strategies including:

  • Benchmarking and measuring current customer and member effort
  • Documenting the journey your customers and members go through to really see their experience
  • Developing a future state view of how you’d like to improve the overall experience and an ease-of-use strategy
  • Live observational research where you see the experience through your customers’ eyes

Attendees will come away with ideas that transcend geographic location for creating an experience that will retain members, grow share of wallet and attract new business. They will also see a new view on understanding and measuring the experience their members actually go through, not just the experience the financial institution intends for them to have. 

Grassroots Advocacy

Speakers: Ryan Donovan, Michael Edwards

Effective advocacy is essential for credit unions and other mutual depository institutions at any stage of development because the stroke of a pen can radically change the rules of the game.  Policymakers need to understand the vital role that mutuals play in their communities in order to secure support for mutuals’ legislative and regulatory priorities. This session will focus on how to structure an effective grassroots advocacy program at the local, regional or national level to influence policymakers and shape laws and regulations in a favorable manner for mutuals.   

Wednesday, 18 July • 9:00am - 10:15am

Combatting Financial Crime

Speaker: Andrew Price

Credit unions and other mutual depository institutions around the world are subject to anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) and data security requirements that are intended to prevent abuse of the financial system.  This panel will provide updates on recent developments to international AML/CFT guidance and cybersecurity rules, including the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), that help combat financial crime.