Workshops will be held Tuesday, 19 July from 2:45 - 4:00 pm. Space for workshops is available on a first-come, first-served basis. See below for the workshop descriptions.

Workshop Sessions

Storytelling for Your Personal and Professional Mission Statement

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Speaker: Jennifer Santos Esperanza, Ph.D
At present, the art of storytelling has achieved more public attention:  Instagram accounts, podcasts, and live storytelling events in cafes and are just a few of the platforms where personal stories have been featured for both entertainment and education. But how can storytelling be used to enhance one’s professional development? How can we utilize stories to assist in our personal growth? In this presentation, Dr. Esperanza will share insights on how storytelling can be used to enhance one’s professional journey and create pathways for achieving our goals. During this informative and interactive workshop, participants will learn how to mine their own experiences as a means of creating personal and professional mission statements—statements that can enhance the work in promoting deeper financial inclusion for all.

Attendee Takeaways
  1. Building and refining one's personal development narrative
  2. Identifying strengths and skill sets that can be leveraged for professional growth
  3. Fostering inclusivity and empathy within organizational culture

Digital Transformation to Scale Micro Finance

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Speaker: Jay Tikam

In this 75-minute workshop participants will explore the landscape of the micro finance sector. With the help of a workbook attendees will understand:

  • Clear perspective on what digital transformation is
  • Benefits of Digital Transformation
  • Case studies on how Digital Transformation is helping microfinance organizations scale and make a bigger impact in their communities

 The presenter will guide the audience through a Digital Strategy Stack - showing you step by step how to refine and implement your digital transformation strategy for success.