Why Choose a Conference Hotel?

When booking your hotel for the World Credit Union Conference, you may find other hotels besides the conference hotels. Before you book your hotel, we would like you to consider the benefits of booking at the official conference hotels.

  1. Low-rate guarantee. Conference hotels are contracted to have the lowest rates possible, saving you time from shopping various discount sites.

  2. Information. Conference hotels are equipped with information about the conference, including a welcome letter upon arrival, ensuring that you have the smoothest possible conference experience.

  3. Transportation. Conference hotels not within walking distance of the convention center will have transportation provided, reducing out-of-pocket travel costs.

  4. Support World Council. We reserve the best rates at the local hotels specifically for you. We use the overall number of rooms booked at this conference as negotiating power for the lowest rates at future conferences.

  5. Networking. Make the most of your conference by spending more quality time with other attendees or exhibitors all staying at the same properties.